Augmented Reality Singapore | Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality Singapore | Augmented Reality Marketing

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that integrates computer-generated images, projections and effects onto an existing reality, which allows users to interact with it in real-time. It basically uses the existing environment and overlays it with new information on top of it, it alters the environment the user is in. The difference with Virtual Reality is that Virtual Reality completely replaces the environment you’re in, whereas Augmented Reality changes your perception of the environment by adding new elements into it for you to interact with.

Here at Webpuppies, Augmented Reality is more than just a technology, it's an opportunity to tell an engaging story about your business. With more than 18 years experience, Webpuppies is ready to push your business to the next level with Augmented Reality marketing campaign!

The very first functional Augmented Reality system was invented in the early 1990s, it was used for the U.S Air Force to simulate various scenarios for pilots to test their decision making under duress. The first commercial Augmented Reality entertainment experience were mostly used in the gaming industry, however more industries are starting to realise the value of incorporating Augmented Reality into their organization for knowledge sharing and training purposes. The construction industry is using AR helmets to display information about various construction sites. Similarly, the medical sector uses Augmented Reality to help trainee surgeons gain valuable experience.

How can Augmented Reality help your business?

Similar to their Virtual Reality counterparts, Augmented Reality offers an unparalleled and immersive experience for your customers. Augmented Reality marketing takes the whole notion of marketing your service and products to a whole new level, offering your customers unrivaled in-depth look and feel of what your business can offer to them. This experience will leave a lasting and positive impression on your customers and potential customers, giving you an edge over your competitors. The level of engagement you get from Augmented Reality is superior to traditional offline marketing tactics, as it engages consumers on a multi-sensory level.

Apart from that, Augmented Reality offers numerous training options to help educate your staff, offering insights on what certain situations you wish to simulate will look like. This helps provide a better understanding and awareness of situations that would either be costly or dangerous to recreate.

Why is Augmented Reality important?

The attraction power of Augmented Reality is undeniable, just look at Pokemon Go. It’s probably the most common use to Augmented Reality Entertainment technology for consumers, admittedly simplistic yet it’s success holds a lot of promise for other businesses to explore this option, especially more sophisticated applications.

As awareness for AR picks up, consumers will expect more from businesses in terms of their marketing, advertising and branding. What better way to impress them than to have an immersive Augmented Reality entertainment experience to blow them away? This technology will pave the way forward for businesses to provide more meaningful engagement with consumers.



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