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Website Monetization

At Webpuppies we pride ourselves on understanding our clients and providing them with solutions tailored to their needs. These factors are most relevant in website monetization. We understand that your existing user base has a certain expectation of your website and the user experience they expect when on your website. When we are coming up with our website monetization strategy for you, this is front and centre in our minds. Every website monetization project we deliver, apart from having our paw of approval, has the following:




Mobile Responsive Web Design

Create a website and keep it up to date with relevant, interesting content

Search Friendly

Proper coding is essential to let Google and other search engines find your pages for the right keywords and increase your web traffic. We follow global best practices for web development and coding.

User Experience

User Experience Design is primarily about how the product feels, how users to your website find it easy to use and enjoy their stay. UI refers to User Interface Design, is more concerned about how the product is laid out, and that there’s a natural flow to every page on the website that is in line with the UX designer’s work. At Webpuppies, we have designed and executed UI and UX for both large corporate sites and e-commerce sites with a goal to converting users for sales.

Mobile App Development

While mobile app building is a relatively recent art, we have been building computer apps for many years. We have built mobile apps for SMEs and multi billion dollar companies for internal use as well as for release on the Apple store and Android store/Google Play store. Every app we make, apart from having our paw of approval, has the following: Mirrors the look and feel of your website, Cross platform uniformity, Support across different device sizes and Interactivity.

Hassle Free

We handover the site to you in a neat and user-friendly bundle, so you will not be pulling out strands of hair decoding all the technical stuff.

It's easy to make your business succeed online. Just ask us.

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