Getting Started on Website Localization: Create a Multilingual Website
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February 19, 2021
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February 28, 2021
Website Localization Best Practices Book

Getting Started on Website Localization: Create a Multilingual Website

Localizing your website is one of the most effective strategies to reach a wider global audience, increase engagement and profit, and create stronger brand credibility.

There are tons of website localization best practices out there. One of the most crucial practices you should remember is that language and culture play significant roles in the success of any localized, multilingual website.

Website localization is a rigorous yet rewarding process that needs an effective strategy to put your company on the international map. While some businesses opt to mobilize their internal developers to create a multilingual website, it is still ideal in some cases to hire a website development company and local translators to complete the job.

What is Website Localization?

Before we deep dive any further into how to successfully build a localized, multilingual, and culturally suitable website, we must first know what exactly website localization is.

Website localization is the process of transforming a current website into a more accessible and usable platform for a foreign target audience. There are two main factors to consider in website localization:

First, a company needs to carefully study the technical aspects. This includes using codes that can handle alphabets with various characters and symbols so that transactions can easily be done by users. Second, language translation should also be given ample attention before creating a multilingual website. Website localization is not just merely translating a specific language, but it is an intricate process that considers the cultural sensitivities of a specific location.

Why Localize Your Website?

Over 60% of the world now surfs online in languages other than English (that's a massive audience you're missing out on). And guess what? A whopping 76% of global consumers prefer buying from sites in their own language (and 40% won't even touch yours if it's not!).

Localizing your website isn't just about reaching more people, it's about making them feel comfortable and confident to buy. Research shows localized sites can see conversion rates soar by 74%, boosting your bottom line in a big way. Plus, don't forget the mobile-first world we live in - make sure your localized site is mobile-friendly for a seamless experience. And think beyond text: adapt your content for voice search and accessibility to cater to all users. With these fresh facts in mind, the case for website localization is clear: expand your reach, delight your customers, and watch your business grow!

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