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Webpuppies at NETS Developer Conference 2018

Our take on innovation and what's trending

As with the inaugural NETS Developer Conference in 2017, Webpuppies CEO Abhii Dabas was once again invited as a distinguished guest speaker at the NETS Developer Conference this year on 14th December 2018. Along with other tech firms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), the speakers illustrated how innovation is essential for growing businesses in a digital world and also outlined the importance of cross-border partnerships.

During his presentation, Abhii drew on a recent project with TeaPasar, which was heavily dependent on the idea of innovation through collaboration. The project integrated eCommerce plugins with business productivity solutions. Webpuppies helped increase acceptance modes for TeaPasar through customised ENETS integration onto their eCommerce platform, which enabled seamless transactions for both NETS merchant TeaPasar and its customers.


When asked to give his take on innovation, Abhii shares:

"We live in a world where without innovation, businesses won’t survive and won’t thrive. Everything we do is based on innovation - bringing innovation to our own businesses, bringing innovation to our clients’ businesses. In fact, that’s one of the [reasons] why we work very well with NETS. Because I think both of us are very committed to bringing innovative solutions to the merchants. Through my repeated conversations with the various NETS teams, I’ve realized that we are very aligned in terms of our value systems - every time we try to build a solution, every time we try to focus on a solution, the conversation goes beyond that. We always talk about what more we can do for the merchant, and that leads to another product being developed, another service being offered. I think innovation is absolutely key in today’s day and time, and that’s what we’ll continue to focus on."

Abhii Dabas

Over the past year, our partnership with NETS have established Webpuppies as a trusted digital partner in providing effective business solutions through revolutionary technological innovation. The NETS Developer’s Portal was a project by Webpuppies launched in September 2017, which provided an accessible platform for the development and integration of APIs and the eNETS payment system. Smart billing system WoofPay was also introduced shortly to support NETS merchants during the revamp of the NETS payment system.

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