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February 7, 2018
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Signs your web design needs a revamp

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here for an ode to your website by yours truly, Superdog:

Oh, website!

How graceful you look, in spite of your many flaws.

Slow loading times, outdated information and design,

Unfriendly to mobile devices, high bounce rates,

And so many more… wherefore are you still here?

Oh website~

Oh website!

How aged you look, even the search engines

Don’t find you fancy no more,

Facebook has turned its back on you,

Instagram scoffed at the sight of you,

LinkedIn is ashamed to mention you,

Twitter refuses to tweet about you,

Oh website~

Every website comes with a hidden terms & conditions that you don’t ever see or have access to, in which it states there’s an expiration date on your website. It all starts when the following signs start to surface, in very subtle ways. In which case, (Cue the shameless self-plug) check out our web design page to get a better idea of what we can do for your website.

1. The Website takes AGES to load.

If your website takes longer than 2 seconds to load, that might still be acceptable in the 1970s. Unfortunately, this isn’t the 1970s. Most people usually give up on waiting if it takes any longer than 2 seconds, because search engines have given users plenty of choices to choose for what they’re searching for. Thus, if one has left your site due to slow loading times, you can be sure they won’t be coming back. 4 out of 5 users shopping online wouldn’t bother returning to your ecommerce site if they had a negative experience, of which slow loading times is one of the contributing factors.

There’s a couple of reasons for slow loading times, namely, a poorly developed website or having multiple large-size images on your page which significantly slows down the loading speed or your hosting plan is outdated and can only sustain basic, simple websites of the caveman era. Speaking of the second point, over-reliance on HTML to resize your images doesn’t make the website load any faster. It simply causes the server to load the ENTIRE image in its original dimensions, check for the desired dimensions and resize accordingly. The time the server takes to render the image could be better spend on doing things that matter…like loading the rest of your website.

2. Outdated Information & Design

Just like fashion, web design changes as well. Trends that used to be relevant then, might be antiqued now. So, unless you’re a web designer, you wouldn’t know how your current website resembles your eccentric uncle’s polka dot jacket at your sister’s wedding. Totally out of style and unappealing…the exact opposite of what your website ought to strive for. Web design is more than just aesthetics, it’s about delivering the ideal and optimal user experience and user flow when visitors reach your website. It ought to be easy for users to find things, find the information they desire and not have to look for it like how my grandma finds the house keys without her glasses.

Outdated information on the website will lead any visitors astray and chase any new and/or existing customers away too. Apart from the very negative impression it sends across, it also gives the vibe that your company simply doesn’t care.

3. Not compatible with Mobile Devices

By 2019, the number of people with smart phone is expected to surpass 5 billion, South Korea alone has 90% of its entire population using phones. That being said, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are missing out on that huge clientele! Given that the time people spend on their phones is rapidly catching up, and in some places, exceeded the time we spent on computers, it’s ever more pivotal that your website loads and operates smoothly on mobile devices.

Not to mention, Google counts a website’s mobile-friendliness as a factor in determining how high your website appears in search results. Uncertain if your website is mobile-friendly, try Google Mobile Friendly Test and find out!

4. High Bounce Rates

Bounce rate, the measurement of how many users visit your website only to navigate away after viewing that page. It serves as a relatively clear indication if your website has serve the purpose of the visitor, via providing the right information he/she was seeking. Your business is in need of a web design if the bounce rates are high, signifying that visitors aren’t finding the content on your website particularly useful. They could also find navigation of your site to be difficult or not user-friendly. Typically, such information can be found on Google Analytics, assuming you have it input on your website. If the figure is anywhere higher than 60%, do consider a web design revamp to make it a more pleasant experience for any visitors.

5. Falling Search Engine Ranks

If your website is slowly slipping in the search rankings, it’s a sign the content on your website is not relevant, outdated or quality material. If Google has condemned your website to this horrible fate, the web design revamp is desperately calling out to you. Dated designs, dated graphics, dated content are all contributing factors to your fall in the ranks. No visitor wants to visit an old site, it’s similar to choosing between a Nokia phone and an iPhone.

6. Lack of Social Media presence

With close to 3 billion people using some form of social media or about 3 quarters of the entire Internet user population on social media, for your website to NOT have a social media element to it is almost criminal. There’s a huge market for you to broadcast yourself, market yourself to an ever-growing market of people globally. However, for that to happen, you actually need a decent website. You wouldn’t want to show the world a crappy, shabbily looking website that reeks of something made during the Mesozoic Era (That’s the era where the dinosaurs lived in.) Proper web design is crucial for presenting that strong and good first impression. Having a blog on your website is crucial too, for sharing and spreading the digital Gospel on web design, development, virtual & augmented reality.

With all that has been discussed and said, it’s time for you to do your homework. Does your website need a revamp? A fresh and new look? A web design that is suited for your clients and providing a seamless experience when they arrive to your site. Either way, should you do it yourself or hire someone (er-hem, us…yes, Superdog is shameless at times.), a proper web design revamp is always required every now and then to constantly stay relevant and fresh.