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Virtual Reality Singapore | Virtual Reality Marketing

What is Virtual Reality

A computer-generated projection of a realistic scenario that simulates real life situations, events and interactions is basically Virtual Reality in a nutshell. It provides an all-immersive experience and environment for users to live out real-life situations. Widely touted as the next big marketing gimmick, unique marketing ploy to entice customers, the words innovative, exciting and engaging are often some of the more commonly used terms to describe this exciting technology. It offers your customers an in-depth, immersive experience into your business, what goes on during day-to-day operations or what the finished product/service can do for them. This is without a doubt, quickly becoming one of the hottest trends to market your business to your clients and stand out from the market and be a leader in your industry.

The origins of Virtual Reality is commonly disputed as it’s difficult to award someone the distinction of coming up with the idea of an alternative existence was widely considered very vague and plenty of people had sketchy ideas and notions which could all add up to the idea of Virtual Reality. However, in the 1950s, cinematographer Morton Heilig developed Sensorama, a theatre cabinet that was intended to stimulate all the user’s senses. 1968 was the year the first VR/AR head mounted display was invented, although it was very bulky and heavy to comfortably wear. The term “virtual reality” was popularized in 1987, where VPL became the first company to sell Virtual Reality goggles. Following that, the movie “The Matrix” which features characters living in a fully simulated world, brought the topic of virtual reality into mainstream. It has been predicted to penetrate every industry, and here at Webpuppies, we are extremely excited to work with you to push your business to the frontier of advertising.

It has been predicted to penetrate every industry, and here at Webpuppies, we are extremely excited to work with you to push your business to the frontier of advertising.

How can Virtual Reality help your business?

Despite an initial sluggish start, Virtual Reality is slowly taking over the marketing industry. The reluctance of companies to adopt new and untested methods, preferring to stick to conventional methods have slowly eroded and they are opening up to the idea of offering customers something different, something more engaging and memorable, to stand out from their competitors and leave a lasting impression. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what counts in the marketing industry: A lasting impression on your customers. Case in point is British travel group, Thomas Cook reported a 190 percent increase in tours booked to New York City after offering a virtual reality experience of the city in their stores.

With more than 75% of Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands have created or invested in some form of virtual reality experience for their customers and/or employees. The uptake of VR is rapidly on the rise, do not fall behind your competitors in this regard.

Why is Virtual Reality important?

Virtual Reality is THE next big thing in marketing, it will completely revolutionise how companies market their products and services. Webpuppies is poised and has helped a few clients to take that leap of faith into virtual reality marketing. No other marketing campaign will come as close to virtual reality to offering such an interactive experience.

Virtual Reality will bring users to the frontier of immersion, they will have a complete understanding of what your business, products and services are all about. This unrivalled experience will propel your business towards growth and take your digital campaigns to new highs.



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