CRM & ERP Solutions

CRM & ERP Solutions

What is Customer Relations Management and Enterprise Resource Planning?

CRM software, otherwise known as customer relations management software is a broad set of applications created to assist businesses manage many operations, ranging from collection of customer data, automating sales, to tracking leads and providing customer support. It is essentially a virtual bookkeeper, tracking every bit of information. It enables efficient and better interaction with your customers, this smoother transition of processes makes your life easier and your customers happier.

The roots of customer relations management (CRM) software originated from the 1980s, where the practise of creating a database for storing customer’s information was started by Robert and Kate Kestnabum. By 1995, sales force automation (SFA) and contact management had undergone multiple changes and merged to closely resemble modern-day CRM software. At the end of this year, this product was given the name of CRM. In 2007, Salesforce created cloud-based CRM, which along with social CRM, caused a revolution in the way business viewed CRM systems. Many large corporations started to adopt them, as the focus of these systems was on interaction rather than transaction.

ERP refers to enterprise resource planning, an assortment of enterprise software designed to manage the business and automate many back-end office functions involving technology and human resources. The primary benefits would be a unification of data, improved efficiency and better allocation of resources. The goal is to improve data flow and increase productivity across a business organization.

The term enterprise resource planning (ERP) originated in the 1990 by Gartner Group, but it’s actual origins dates back to early 1960s. The initial application software served to plan and schedule materials for complex manufactured products. However, with countless of advancements, current ERP software are extremely flexible, tailored to every vendor's requirements and provide real-time access.

Why is CRM & ERP Solutions important?

Every business owner understands that, no matter how big or small their organization is, communication and planning is vital for success. CRM and ERP systems help to facilitate that, and ensure lesser time is wasted, proper planning is arranged and maximise the amount of work done. A happier customer base ensures higher customer retention, effectively making this software pay for itself albeit through indirect means.

CRM/ERP software often gets overlooked, where the focus is always on generating leads and increasing sales. However, more than 80% of companies that used cloud services have shown an increase in productivity within the first 6 months! Here, at Webpuppies, we understand the necessity for such systems very well, and how they can effectively be utilized to improve your business operations.



Highly customizable and usable for businesses of any size

Our software can be customized to provide insights on customers’ preferences and prior interactions with your business. This is useful in improving your business’s selling process and evaluating the performance of your products and services.

Increased revenue and profitability

A better understanding of your business brings about better customer service, relationships and lesser customer attrition. This inevitably leads to more profits.

Easy to manage

Our CRM/ERP system is uncomplicated to navigate and upload content, changes can be easily made and updated within moments.

Cost savings

A proper CRM & ERP system will lead to proper scheduling of meetings with potential prospects, efficient resolution of customers’ concerns and a central client database for all employees to use. This leads to less time wastage and losing out on leads.

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