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Corporate Identity Design

What is Corporate Identity Design?

Corporate identity design refers to the character your business will adopt and the image which they present themselves to the general public, inclusive of investors and employees. It has multi-sensory elements like a recognisable logo, mascot, quotable slogan, corporate title, catchy tagline, uniforms and so much more. This will amount to having something instantly recognisable by all that is pertinent to your business. An apt example would be how the yellow letter “M” is synonymous with MacDonald’s.

Why is corporate identity design important?

An effective corporate identity design in Singapore should leave people on the streets well aware of what your company is about with just mention of your brand or company’s logo/tagline/mascot. A strong corporate identity will help establish your business as a leader and at the frontier of your industry. This instant recognisability will only garner good reviews and impressions for your business, and importantly, more sales for you!

How can corporate identity design help your business?

A strong corporate identity design will send a clear and strong visual representation of your business. It has to be daring and different, to stand out from the competition and be a leader in its field. Keeping that in mind, it still has to be relevant, to connect with your target audience and understand what you can offer them. Thirdly, the message been delivered has to be coherent, from start to finish, everything involving the business has to convey the same message to have a meaningful and purposeful impact.

Here, at Webpuppies, we help businesses build their corporate identity and assist them in every step of the way to establish themselves as leaders in their respective industries.



Logo Design

The first step to building a strong corporate identity is having a logo that all can associate with.

Business Card Design

Go the extra step while networking and impress potential clients with a well designed card that represents your business.

Letterhead Design

A visually appealing letterhead design that all can like and relate to your business is the first step to impressing customers.

Branding Guideline

All designs done by Webpuppies comply with branding guidelines, leaving you with a peace of mind. We do the work for you, letting you focus on what's important for you: running your business.

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