Digital Marketing 101: How to Market Your Website
Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Plan
April 20, 2021
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April 21, 2021
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Digital Marketing 101: How to Market Your Website

The majority of global consumers now rely on digital channels for their daily activities and transactions. According to Think With Google, over 48% of consumers begin their research through search engines, while 33% look on websites and 26% browse through mobile applications.

This significant user behavior makes digital marketing crucial for any business. Learning the ropes of digital marketing 101 can bring your company significant growth and transformation.

Establishing a digital marketing strategy for your website is now a must to thrive in an ever-changing market landscape. Whether you plan to work with an internal team or get the services of website design companies and marketing agencies, there are a lot of factors to consider before engaging in digital marketing.

But first, what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is setting marketing goals that can be achieved through the use of digital media and technologies, such as social media, search engines, websites, and mobile applications.

To be able to reap the fruits of good digital marketing, it is important to first conduct engagement marketing - a process where you build significant interactions with both old and new customers based on current market data.

Digital marketing requires thorough planning, implementation, and monitoring. There is no single standard formula in conducting a digital marketing plan as it will ultimately depend on your company's goals, targets, and capacities. It is also advisable to be flexible and be able to adapt to changes throughout the whole process.

What is the significance of digital marketing?

Engaging in digital marketing is more flexible and cost-effective, creating more quality leads and networks in the long run. It allows your business to target the right kind of audiences, and therefore, build specific campaigns that fit various preferences of consumers. Attracting the right kind of audience also means there is a higher chance to improve conversion rates, increase profits, and maintain an online presence.

Finally, unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is more measurable. Tracking tangible results means your business can have a solid reference on how to succeed in future marketing campaigns, and how to effectively innovate products and services.

In this E-book, We discuss the things you need to consider when building a digital marketing plan for your website, including:

  • Stages of a digital marketing cycle;
  • Tips on how to efficiently execute your digital marketing plan; and
  • The most effective digital marketing strategies you can utilize

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