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July 22, 2021
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Build Trust Leadership and Help Your Organization Succeed

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and in the world of business, trust can be your biggest cost. Without trust, you can't perform simple transactions, you can't influence others to take action, and you can't expect your employees to meet your expectations. In order to motivate your people and allow them to help you meet your business goals, you have to nurture trust and your working relationship with each other.

Global Trust Leader and "Trusted Leader" author David Horsager shares with us the importance of trust in any organization and the eight pillars that leaders can build on in order to nurture trust leadership with your people, especially in this age of digital transformation.

The core issue is always a trust issue

David believes that any issues an organization might encounter are always rooted, at the core, in trust. Everything of value is built on trust, regardless if it's about sales transactions or leadership, or training people. Every good relationship we have is built on trust and this applies too in the business setting. The lack of trust is the biggest cost your organization could have which is why David focused on building a framework that could help organizations and businesses around the globe change the way they build trust among their people.

The 8-Pillar Framework

David has developed a framework which he uses to teach leaders to build trust leadership. These pillars are the following:

Clarity – People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous
Compassion – People trust those who care beyond themselves
Character – People trust those who do what is right over what is easy
Competency – People trust those who are competent, relevant, and capable
Commitment – People believe in those who stand through adversity
Connection – People trust those whom they can connect and collaborate with
Contribution – People trust those who can deliver results
Consistency – The only way to build trust and reputation is to do things consistently.

Building trust for leaders and founders

There are many ways to build trust since organizations don't change overnight but David believes that one way to kickstart it is to start on clarity through proper resources and processes. David introduced that one way to set clear expectations as a leader is through a simple process called ODC.

O stands for Outcome. As a manager or leader, you should be clear about the outcome that you want from a simple task or goal that you made. If you hired more people in your organization, what's the outcome that you want from it?

D stands for Deadline. To manage clear expectations, you should always set a deadline. Most leaders avoid setting one in fear of conflict without realizing that ambiguous timelines would actually do the opposite.

C stands for Clarifiers. Before ending your meeting or your conversation with your employee or colleague, you should always use clarifiers. Ask them if all of your instructions are clear and always give room for questions and further clarifications.

Systemizing trust leadership

These eight pillars can be used by leaders and CEOs of companies, both big and small, to build trust in their organization but it's important to note that it should be systemized in order for the framework to work effectively. Use the same language of this framework with your people to nurture the culture of trust. If there's a consistent methodology in your organization, then it would soon be engraved in your company culture and change the way you train your people, how you treat your employees, and how you treat your clients.

About the host

Abhii Dabas is an active member of the tech community, and through his companies (including Webpuppies), he conducts outreach programs across different universities with a focus on entrepreneurship. Over the past months, he has already trained over 1,000 university students to help them prepare to join the workforce.

About the guest

David Horsager is a Global Trust Leader, a renowned speaker, and author of the Nationally best-selling books "The Trust Edge", "The Daily Edge" and the forthcoming book "Trusted Leader". David runs the Trust Edge Leadership Institute (TELI) which works towards the mission of building trusted leaders and organizations around the globe. TELI's 8-pillar framework of trust was created through years of consulting, training, research, and has been used by many organizations and government institutions to help their team grow and succeed.

David is currently based in Greater Minneapolis, USA.