Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Strategy
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Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Strategy

Social media reports are essential for any brand’s social media marketing campaigns. Comprehensive reports give brands actionable insights that help them gauge their campaign performance and allow them to maximize their conversion goals, which can help guide potential customers down the sales funnel in the long run. But with the complexity of social media platforms and the fast-changing trends, getting these reports can be taxing and time-consuming.

Be++ featured Tim Hill, CEO, and Co-Founder of Social Status, one of the world’s fastest-growing social media reporting and analytics suite. We talked about what led Tim Hill to start Social Status as he switched from the film & tv industry to the marketing technology space, how to measure the success of your social media strategy, and what is the future of social media trends as digital transformation continues to thrive.

Social media reporting made easy

Entering the marketing technology landscape hasn’t always been a part of Tim Hill’s plan. Tim started out in the film & tv industry as a web producer, then eventually shifted into the advertising industry as a digital marketer. While working for advertising agencies, Tim saw a common pain point that many agencies and businesses share — social media reporting.

Social media reporting has always been an important part of any brand or organization that is running social media marketing campaigns. These reports were needed in order for the client to understand benchmark content performance against their competitors and for them to make better and more informed decisions regarding content creation. However, it’s nearly impossible to make these comprehensive social media reports by yourself, especially when you work for multinational corporations that involve a large group of companies. With this paint point in mind, Tim saw the opportunity to create Social Status, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for competitor analysis, social media benchmarks, setting KPIs, social ROI, and automated social media reports.

Track and understand social media analytics

Social media analytics work by giving you an insight into your campaign’s performance the previous month. It will give you numbers on executions that you have already done, on posts you have already scheduled and published. This is how metrics in social media have always worked. What Tim plans to do next, though, is for Social Status to have predictive analytics.

Automating strategy is difficult but moving forward, Social status is working on a feature to be able to measure the success of one’s social media strategy to the extent that it can give users recommendations on the next actionable steps that they can do for their campaign.

The future of social media

Social media is evolving faster than ever at the moment. Various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Twitter are constantly experiencing fragmentation and with these changes, we see a shift in the way people behave and use these platforms. The complexity and fast evolution of these channels are a challenge that many digital marketers and developers will have to face.

Nowadays, Tim agrees that we’re heading towards an era where social media encourages everyone to be a content creator. Along with the emergence of new channels is the rise of richer media formats like video, and these media types are only bound to get richer as time goes. The future of social media lies heavily on rich media and as a marketer, it is encouraged that you go along with this trend and put your message in a video format in order for you to reach a wider audience.

About the host

Abhii Dabas is an active member of the tech community, and through his companies (including Webpuppies), he conducts outreach programs across different universities with a focus on entrepreneurship. Over the past months, he has already trained over 1,000 university students to help them prepare to join the workforce.

About the guest

Tim Hill is the CEO and Co-Founder of Social Status, a social media analytics suite that automates social media reporting for various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Tim is currently based in Australia.