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Bringing Digital Entertainment Worldwide

The global entertainment industry underwent a huge shift as the world experienced a digital transformation at the turn of the millennium. Studies show that the market size for digital entertainment was valued at $183.1 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach up to $652.2 billion by 2027, growing by at least 20%.

Jason Peterson, chairman, and CEO of Go Digital Media Group was one of the few people who helped the digital entertainment industry transition into what it is today. In this episode of Be++, he shared with us how he succeeded as an entrepreneur by operating through one’s personal genius.

Finding your own personal genius to succeed

As the CEO of GMDG and as a seasoned entrepreneur, Jason is continuously pushing boundaries to acquire new opportunities. For him, the quality of our life is really all about the quality of our emotions, and so he advocates for anyone to pursue their passion and find their own personal genius.

Jason defines your own personal genius as an intersection of your natural talents and your personal interests or doing the things that you love. For Jason who grew up with a real passion for music and film but has a natural knack for numbers, becoming a business person for creatives was what inspired him to get started on his career. Realizing that he had a business mind along with a creative mind is what pushed Jason to start out as a producer in California, which was the epicenter for the film and television industry in the United States.

The importance of metabolizing your fears

If there’s one thing that’s always holding aspiring entrepreneurs back from sharing their brilliant ideas with the world, it’s always fear. It may be fear of rejection or fear of abandonment; but regardless, fear is a primal feeling that all people experience. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the same emotion that tends to keep people from being successful in business and life in general.

According to Jason, it’s very important that people recognize their fear-based behavioral patterns and learn to metabolize them in order to get them out of their system. Everyone has been affected by trauma at one point in their lives, and this aspect can cause a compound effect on one’s psyche. These emotional patterns create behavioral patterns, and these behavioral patterns can definitely affect the way people make decisions in general.

A health & wellness network for everyone

The latest addition in the Go Digital Media Group is YogaWorks, a health & wellness network. YogaWorks initially started as one of the largest yoga studios in the US but after some reinvention, it has now become a health & wellness network where people can log in through different devices and engage in various health & wellness programs.

E-commerce is next on Go Digital Media Group’s agenda. And while many opportunities continue to pour in for the company, Jason believes that the key is for entrepreneurs to continue moving in fast and large-moving markets. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how great your execution is; if it’s a small and shrinking market, then you’re not likely to succeed. The larger your market is, the more the tide will rise.

About the host

Abhii Dabas is an active member of the tech community, and through his companies (including Webpuppies), he conducts outreach programs across different universities with a focus on entrepreneurship. Over the past months, he has already trained over 1,000 university students to help them prepare to join the workforce.

About the guest

Jason Peterson is the Chairman and CEO of Go Digital Media Group, a media, and technology company engaged in intellectual property rights management and distribution through its operating subsidiaries. Jason Peterson is also an experienced entrepreneur, attorney, and producer and is credited with producing seven feature films, television pilots, music videos, and commercials.