Lead Generation

What is lead generation content?

Cold calling, door knocking, asking for referrals, the list of traditional forms for generating list goes on. Lead generation is the structured process by which someone who does not know or knows very little about a product or service is educated on that product or service and turned in to a willing customer.

The consumer of today does not like the feeling of being sold to. They want to be educated on a product or service and then be empowered to make a decision on whether or not they would like to reach out to the company to make a purchase. In modern context, lead generation content is in essence; content marketing, providing consumers and any visitor to your website or business social media accounts information that will enlighten them, educate them or pique their interest to want to find out more about what you and your company is all about and more importantly, be share-worthy.

Various examples of such content would be whiteboard videos, e-booklets and infographics. Easily overlooked and under-rated, it’s a key element in ensuring a positive brand image and helping you convince any potential customer that your business is the one to help them.

Why is lead generation content important?

Lead-generating has always been a problematic issue for companies everywhere, while marketing can assist in promoting your business, it is usually most effective when accompanied with a discount or promotion of sorts. During dry spells and leads are nowhere to be found, there’s a need to try generating leads organically, leads that come to you due to the positive impression your business gives off and what you can offer them.

While a tad obvious, lead generation will always be important to any business looking to expand and grow. There’s a need to generate traffic to your business, so as to have the opportunity to convert said traffic to potential sales for your business.

Given that as few as less than 10% of consumers will fill out a contact form or make a purchase on their first interaction with your site, we engage in a range of CRM measures to follow up with them and continue to educate them on your brand so they form positive associations with your brand and are willing to give it a try.



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