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July 29, 2019
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August 23, 2019

How to Train Your Staff with VR?


Many companies invest hundreds and thousands of dollars annually for staff training and development. However, most of the time, employees are seated for hours in a lecture room set up with nothing but slides filled with words. While the conventional way of providing training is relatively popular, a program that is engaging and interactive helps staff stay focused and comprehend better with hands on experiences. Make your money and their time worth by creating valuable lessons for your employees, make them look forward to training!


Recently, we worked with Hilti Singapore to bring construction to life through virtual reality. Hilti is known for providing premium tool services to construction professionals. The purpose of this simulation is to provide a safe training environment for their staff while learning about the application of tools. The simulation serves its purposes to educate Hilti’s sales personnel how and when to use certain tools. In the simulation, the staff were greeted with a classroom set up with various rooms divided into different categories.

The staff will then proceed to the “Civil engineering” room to enter a tunnel (construction site). Before entering a tunnel, the staff are presented with a table filled with safety precautions such as boots, gloves, ear protection and helmet.

Explore Tunnel

Our team of VR developers, led by Fauzi Ali, used Unity 3D engine to produce the simulated environment used in this project. The simulation uses a mix and match format to showcase the tools that are relevant to the construction methods. In the picture shown below, there is an explanation on each tool and how it should be operated. The simulation is broken down into different stages and they are only allowed to move on upon completion at each stage; they are required to finish reading the explanation.


Employing virtual reality to carry out technical training is cost efficient and hassle free. Many companies are starting to use VR to provide training and it has been proven to be efficient and productive. VR will not break your budget, it beats hiring professionals to conduct hours long of boring regime. Break the normal and the typical, try out VR , don't be shy!