5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Agency
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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Agency

It is challenging to create a website when you wish to launch your business or organization while having high expectations. You may get into difficulty when choosing which quality of your website to amplify, or when working through specific functions and elements in digital marketing. Instead of doing it yourself, you may consider seeking professional skills to ensure that your website gives a good and lasting impression to visitors and users.

To make the most of your online presence, the best option is to entrust an expert in customizing the website for your company or organization, maximizing the assets of your business to cater to your target audience, and strategizing how to navigate the internet for the benefit of your website. We have prepared some points for you in case you set your eyes on potential agencies to work with.

One of the first things you should inquire about is how long the agency has been operating in their line of work. Asking, “How long have you been working in this field?” would be a way to show your interest in their experience in the business.

Being in the business for a long time is an advantage because this tells you initially that the company has managed to retain clients, perform proficiently, and build its image for an adequate period of time. You are going to invest in the company’s ability to deliver results and in the quality of their outputs. It is not a matter of the length of time the company has been operating, but on the skill set they have been developed, the signature output they have established, and their priority in client relations. For example, you encounter an agency that is relatively new. You should ensure that they conduct their work competently and are capable of meeting standards and expectations.

Another thing to check with the company is if their services are compatible with your given timeframe, budget, milestones, and assets. To consolidate all these concerns, you may start by inquiring, “Are you open to provide both template and custom websites?”

In case you are working on a budget, you will need a template website that the web developer can offer. It also covers the general requirements and preferences of customers. Otherwise, you may invest in custom websites, which are more suited to your business and organization. These may also lead you to check on how long the web developer may take in accomplishing inclusive tasks, and gauge if they are able to attain results within your given timeframe.

In connection with this, you may ask: “Does your company outsource web design or do you execute projects within the organization?”

Aside from transparency, knowing if the company you will hire plans to integrate third parties would involve their specialized tasks in managing the timeline of your project. Moreover, if you wish to cut costs, you may want to outsource web developers.

Next, you might need to consult with them if they have set restrictions on their services. Clarify, “What is your limit for design revisions?”

This is something to settle with them beforehand so that there is proper communication between your parties. This would also help you assess initially what you really want for your website and how much more would you want to modify. To further specify the price of your engagement with them, you can also follow up by asking if they require additional payments for each milestone, charge per hour or if they already require a pre-arranged fee.

Lastly, partnerships become more smooth if both parties are on the same page. You should ask, “How much do you expect me to be involved?”

You may want to settle with your potential partner regarding the extent of your involvement. You may prefer to be hands-on, or you may be satisfied to entrust your project and most of the decision-making to your web developer.

It is also significant that you ask if you can edit the website later on. If the need arises, you might want to take on the tools and software that your developer used.


To wrap this up, only you can decide which agency in web development Singapore fits your preferences the most. If you value certain aspects of your website and if you wish to meet specific parameters for success, it is imperative that you at least meet halfway with the professional web developer you hired. Settling with the right agency would set the path for the performance of your website and if it is able to continually deliver outputs according to the preference of your market.