How to Create High-Converting Landing Pages in 10 Steps
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Aligning your Organization’s Mission and Vision
March 23, 2021
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How to Create High-Converting Landing Pages in 10 Steps

Clicked a link and landed on a different web page? That is a landing page, which is essentially the first web page that appears directly after clicking a link. In a broader sense, landing pages can be any web page that is presented as a home page, description page, blog post, or a catalog of items. However, in a more specific sense in marketing, landing pages are web pages specifically designed to achieve a goal of making visitors do something with a call to action, which persuades them to purchase a product, sell or list an item, set a meeting, or subscribe to notifications and/or services.

Benefits of Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages can be tested and calibrated accordingly. Overall, landing pages act as advertising campaigns that aim to convert user engagements to revenue. Here are some benefits of having optimized landing pages.

  • Business goals are supported.

  • Specific consumer needs are fulfilled.

  • Products and services are highlighted and promoted.

  • Overall branding creates a lasting impression.

  • Search traffic and website visits are increased.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is improved.

  • User engagement is improved and simplified.

  • Website visitors are converted to buyers.

  • Customer retention is stronger.

  • Business profile becomes more prominent in the market.

10 Steps to Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Determine specific target market

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses commit is aiming to sell to everyone. This is both unrealistic and a waste of resources. Instead, it is more beneficial to conduct market research on who's audience should be targeted to purchase or avail products and services. In addition, market research should also include a buyer persona, which is a user profile that represents the projected consumer behavior created based on gathered customer data.

Present a solid unique selling point

Due to market competition, it can be challenging to convince a target market. Hence, a solid unique selling point should be established. Uniqueness is not determined entirely by offering new products or services but on how different the approach is in those products and how services are uniquely carried out.

Ensure the website is running efficiently

Website audits should be conducted to determine the challenges that need to be addressed and improvements that should be done. An effective website audit also gives an opportunity to prepare for A/B testing.

Set up A/B testing

To carry out website improvements, A/B testing is done by comparing two versions of a web design. This way, target users will be able to identify which version is better.

Focus on simplifying the page design

Unlike regular web pages, landing pages should not be cramped and full of web elements. There should be enough white space to help users rest their eyes and focus more on the headlines, subheadlines, and description texts. Hire a website design company to help out with customizing the design of landing pages.

Create compelling and engaging headlines

Headlines should be clear, direct to the point, and have effective SEO to attract attention. They should not contain descriptions, which are reserved for subheadlines.

Write effective subheadlines that support headlines

Subheadlines are equally important as they describe the headlines. They should be written in short descriptive sentences for easier reading.

Present benefits and description concisely but precisely

The description of products and services and the benefits of availing them should be presented clearly in a concise manner. Present several sets of bullet points and/or text boxes to save space and precisely describe the elements in that landing page.

Choose visual elements in landing pages carefully

Images and videos are great elements in landing pages because they attract more attention than lengthy sentences, but they should be loaded efficiently. Boost website speed; otherwise, these visual elements will be useless even if they are in high resolution.

Finish with a clear call to action.

Numerous hyperlinks should be reserved for home or description pages. Hence, it is crucial that the call to action should stand out on the page by using a button or buttons, the color of which should contrast the overall color theme of the landing page. If a landing page presents more than three calls to action, set up a different landing page for others.

Achieve Business Goals Through Powerful Landing Pages

Powerful landing pages enable businesses to maximize resources focusing on more people in a specific set of consumers. The goal of having landing pages is to persuade the target consumers to take action. Set up landing pages that can be navigated with ease and convert engagements to profit to achieve your business goals.