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Digital transformation: Keeping your business afloat during this crisis

Key takeaways

We are treading through uncertain times. Amid closure of establishments, lockdowns, layoffs, and hiring freezes in between waiting for local government’s guidelines, there is no telling when the Covid-19 pandemic will subside. Covid-19 is keeping our interaction with others limited, with social distancing in mind, organizations are forced to adapt to new ways of working - using measures that they are not accustomed with to keep business operations running.

How your company responds to the crisis at hand will define your brand in the long run. Being able to cope to each of our unique circumstances through decisiveness and quick action will mean everything to learn, survive, and thrive.

Things being what they are, it is even more critical to double-down on continuity and resiliency efforts to give your business better footing once the pandemic passes.

Unfolding Digital Opportunities

While the advent of digital transformation is nothing new, as our current condition evolves, it has furthermore become a focal point in order to navigate the economic slowdown.

Now more than ever, is the time to take care and put first your employees and stakeholders. The digital space provides a window of possibilities for the taking - presenting creative ideas and strategies to explore across different fields and industries.

Sales and Lead Generation
The retail sector is facing an existential calamity. The majority of retail brands rely on foot traffic to generate income. With physical stores closed indefinitely, customers and prospects will likely turn to websites and social channels to stay updated about your business.

It may be tempting to cut down on exposure and advertising during this financial setback, but there are benefits in accelerating your awareness initiatives.

Case in point:

Marketing messages with empathy

Heyday Message to the Community

Heyday, a US-based skincare company has announced through its website and social media the temporary closure of their shops to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The company has started a relief fund encouraging consumers to buy online with 10% of their e-commerce profits allocated to support their in-store employees.

Customer Engagement

Keeping your customers in the loop with important updates will keep your business on top of mind.

CRM systems easily integrate on website forms. This ensures that online visitors can contact you and the data they’ve entered will not be lost.

Leveraging the ability to send bulk emails containing alerts and reminders on a CRM system comes to an advantage in keeping customers informed.

Case in point:

Ensuring uninterrupted service

Large commercial bank, JPMorgan Chase has sent an email to their subscribers containing helpful links on how they can access their banking information online.

Employee Collaboration

We’ve seen a rapid shift to remote workforce.

It could be difficult for certain positions such as corporate managers and trainers who are required to travel.

In a mobility-constrained world, companies can benefit through virtual reality training.

A study conducted in 2020 shows that 20% of employees find collaboration and communication to be their biggest struggle when working from home. With virtual augmented reality, employees can get the feel of hands-on training they would have received in the office. VR and AR technology also enables remote meetings, allowing colleagues to explain complex Ideas and connect with each other regardless of their location.

Case in point:

Providing an immersive training environment

VR in a Tunnel

Construction tools provider, Hilti Singapore used VR for technical trainings of their staff. The simulation yielded a safe training session for them to learn how and when to use various application tools.


Our present situation calls for it, the absolute necessity of going digital is at an all-time high.

Take this opportunity to make necessary investments and put your business in a better position to expand well into the future.

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