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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in Singapore encompasses a variety of methods to market your product or service digitally through the Internet, on platforms like desktop, mobile and tablets. It is all about getting the word out there about your business, spreading brand awareness and generating conversions.

Like a tree, digital marketing branches out into various sections from social media marketing on Facebook/Instagram and many more, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, electronic direct mail and many more.

Why is digital marketing important?

With people spending more than twice the amount of time online as they used to 12 years ago, the digital space is an excellent platform to broadcast to Internet users your products and services.

It has a global reach, unlike offline marketing methods which are typically limited by reach and difficult to gauge effectiveness. Furthermore, your digital adverts can be tailored to target specific audiences, thus improving their effectiveness. This has significant advantages over offline marketing, improving the productivity of your marketing efforts and business for your company. An apt example would be how the line “Just Do It.” has become so synonymous with Nike. A simple line, a small line of generated content has become so iconic for Nike, whereby anywhere globally, the line will always be associated with Nike.

How can digital marketing help your business?

Digital marketing helps project your business to a larger audience than offline traditional forms of marketing ever will. Given the wide customizable options of your digital marketing campaign, you can always choose your target audience and ensure the best chance of converting people who view your adverts into customers.

Furthermore, the stats don’t lie. Digital marketing provides statistics for every marketing campaign ran, providing a detailed breakdown of costs, effectiveness of each advert (Impressions, Clicks, Cost-Per-Click), thus this provides valuable feedback and allow you to improve on your next digital marketing campaign.

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Search Engine Optimization

Google’s algorithm for search results changes on a daily basis. Keeping up with these changes is extremely difficult and time consuming. Lucky for you, that is what we specialise in at Webpuppies. Whether you are brand new to SEO or reeling from a traffic decrease after a major Google update, our SEO experts are able to help. All of our SEO projects, apart from having our paw of approval, has the following: On-site SEO, Offpage SEO and Technical SEO

Search Engine Marketing

From text advertisements, banner advertisements, interactive content, video advertisements, in app advertisements and many others, the arsenal for Search Engine Marketing today is extremely varied. With this increase in complexity of offerings, finding the right mix of SEM and the optimal amount to spend on it to maximise ROI is not easy. At Webpuppies, we specialise in exactly this across a wide variety of industry. Launching a new product in the pharma space? Check. Increasing the popularity of your F&B chain in a competitive area? Check. Running a B2B campaign? Check.

Social Media Marketing

On average, people spend 2 hours a day on social media. In the time, they will see hundreds of posts from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, frenemies and businesses looking to market to them. In this space of all this noise, how can you send a message to a user that they will remember and share with their friends and families? This is what we specialise in. We have spent time and energy to understand consumer patterns and the type of content they are likely to remember and share with their friends and families.

Content Marketing

A question we get asked a lot (though less often after Google’s latest algorithm update) is, “is content marketing important?” In answer to that, consider the following: Companies who are leaders in content marketing grew their year on year traffic by almost 20% while their peers whose content marketing wasn’t as good grew their year on year traffic by less than 3%. That is the power of content marketing. What is important in content marketing is ensuring it is done right as this is material that will be see by new and existing customers.

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  • Digital Marketing Stats
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