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What is Cyber Security Solutions?

Cyber Security is a system of technologies, processes and procedures put in place to protect networks, computers, programs, apps and data from being stolen, manipulated, corrupted or unauthorized access.

Why are cyber security solutions important?

With cyber threats constantly evolving, the need for cyber security is becoming increasingly important. Cyber-attacks have become inventive and varied, even countries like United States of America have invested over USD$13 billion annually to cybersecurity since 2010. Recently, Singapore has poured in over $16 million to cyber-security research and development.

It has become apparent that the need to protect your identity, your information and so much more is crucial. Cyber terrorism, cyber-crime and data breaches are happening on an almost daily basis, and it’s costing government institutions, massive corporations, and SMEs business and revenue.

How can cyber security solutions help your business?

The traditional approach of business to focus on the big cyber threats and guarding the crucial system components, leaving less important system components defenceless and less dangerous risks unprotected against, is no longer viable.

Cyber security has to be complete and Webpuppies wants to offer you the reassurance that your business is digitally secured and safe. We have built security systems for companies to protect their clients’ information, their business transactions and much more. We can tailor our cyber security solutions to match your business and industry. We understand the current threats that exist and are always on the lookout for new potential cyber threats, so as to keep up to date and stay one step ahead.



Consolidated Protection of Data

Company and/or client’s data will be kept with a secure system with various encryption locks put in place designed to protect against a range of issues.

Customized cyber security

A cyber security system customized to suit your security preference for your business and industry.

Adware block

Adware floods your computer with advertisements and reduces productivity. This ensures the common virus doesn’t become an issue, and ensures a better web browsing experience, one free of pop-up ads.

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Cyber Security