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What is a Systems Integrator?

Put simply, a systems integrator specializes in assembling component subsystems and making sure those subsystems function together. These systems can range from servers, hardware, software, network and security as well as storage. The process of combining these subsystems is known as system integration.

Why your business needs a Systems Integrator

Modern businesses use a variety of tools to automate the processes of many things including HR, accounting, payments, customer relations etc. For better efficiency, it is important for these various systems to share information and update each other rather than exist in isolation.

At Webpuppies, we strive to ensure that your company achieves your business goals, and is equipped with the right IT infrastructure that will help you do just that. We can provide the integration expertise required for your business to enable isolated or legacy systems to link to your new accounting or CRM software. With experience with integration on over 200 separate platforms including facilities/warehouse management systems, SAP, Salesforce etc, you can be assured that we will deliver the most streamlined solution within your budget.

Some of the integration platforms we can provide:

SAAS software - e.g. Accounting, CRM, ERP

Self-hosted systems - Legacy or internal solutions

ECommerce - Delivery APIs, payment gateways, analytics

Mobile Apps

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