IoT Monitoring System Development | Case Study
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IoT Monitoring System

IoT Monitoring System Development


Project Overview

A platform that pulls the latest data from connected remote devices at regular intervals. Admins can log in and create sub-accounts for engineers and customers to view updated device readings related to a specific project and have access to a system-wide dashboard to monitor all the remote devices by the company and by the systems within the company.

Customers can download archives of the most recent data through an integrated web service. Automated notifications are triggered upon device reading exceeding preset thresholds.


  • Build a system that consolidates images and data from sensors across multiple geographical locations.


  • Developed a web-based device monitoring system with the following features:

  • Management Platform

    - Account-based logins

    - Account-based sensor data access

    - Project-based device data access

    - Download and viewing of data

    - Integrated email-based notifications

    - Monitoring dashboard for device information

    API Layer

    - Interprets command inputs between sensors/devices

    - Integrations with manufacturer SDKs


    - Extracts data as per pre-defined time-cycle with staggered device groups

    - Checks system for outdated information and performs archival or removal process

    - Triggers SMS alerts upon reaching pre-defined threshold readings

    - Daily device performance overview with failure triggers

  • Provided additional services such as:

  • - Data migration

    - 3rd party system integrations

    - Performance and security testing

Scope of work

UX/UI Design

System Development and Execution

System Maintenance and support

About the Client

A leading solutions provider for oil companies and contractors worldwide.





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