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August 10, 2020
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AI-Powered Product Mapping Platform

AI-Powered Product Mapping Platform Development


Project Overview

A platform that includes digitized commodity signatures for purchaser/supplier matching as well as quality control.


  • Take the guesswork out of supplier sample matching and simplify the selection process with a non-subjective and verifiably consistent, digitized signatures of commodities.


  • Built a revolutionary system with four primary modules:

  • Repository - This is a protected database of all the scanned signatures of the commodities. Secure storage and controlled access protect the raw signature data required for matching and comparison. The data architecture was designed for the flexibility of future projected requirements.

    Supplier Access - The supplier access is an area where suppliers can list their scanned commodity and purchaser orders. The platform is integrated with a quotation system that supports 2-way adjustments before finalizing. Additional "premium" features can be accessed with paid subscriptions.

    Purchaser Access - The purchaser access is where purchasers list their expected standards for suppliers to meet. They can also browse existing supplier listings for the closest match.

    Virtual Trade Events - This component integrates 3rd party video calling features for each supplier profile page. Time-based participation limited events can also be set up which consists of live/pre-recorded casts as well as supplier/exhibitor virtual "booths" for which supplier agents will have guaranteed presence. Scheduled webinars will be available for virtual attendees to join.

Key Deliverables

• Data architecture design

• Access control and security

• Hosting configuration setup

• Access and action logging

• User Accounts and Security

• Inventory and system management

• 2-way purchaser/supplier requirement matching

• Quotation system

• Shipping label generation

• Subscription tracking and renewal

• Payment gateway integration

• Subscription Management System

• Virtual booth system

• Live event setup and management

About the Client

A multi-label marketplace featuring local and international brands.





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