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Clicking Connections: Here’s How Webpuppies’ Web App Turns Clicks into Client Connections for a Multi-Disciplinary Design Studio


Imagine navigating a digital world where everything feels the same—no personal touch, just a sea of sameness. That's the world of one multi-disciplinary design studio in Singapore was stuck in. They craved a way to make every client feel special. So, Webpuppies didn't just build an app—they became like digital architects, ready to shake things up for the client. Read on to know more about the story of how Webpuppies turned a regular problem into a win for making digital experiences that feel just right.

The Challenge

The client's challenge was creating an interactive dashboard that wasn't just visually appealing but functionally versatile. The need for multiple journeys and a user-friendly interface became their goal. Webpuppies took this challenge beyond the ordinary, understanding that a static digital presence wasn't enough.

The Solution

Webpuppies constructed a dynamic hub that empowered the studio to personalize client interactions seamlessly. The emphasis was on functionality and simplicity, steering clear of unnecessary complexity. The core application boasted two modes, ensuring adaptability across diverse scenarios—a crucial feature for any company seeking a versatile digital tool.

The focus of the customization wasn't about fancy templates or intricate components but it was about practicality. Webpuppies implemented a straightforward Content Management System (CMS), allowing the administrators to effortlessly modify labels, images, and colors. The genius lies in the reusability of screen templates, providing consistency without sacrificing flexibility.

Built on the Electron framework, the application transcended platform barriers, ensuring a seamless experience on both macOS and Windows. The control screen, far from being a mystical beacon, became the linchpin, enabling users to navigate through tailored journeys effortlessly.

The Results

The studio witnessed a surge in client engagement as the dashboard unfolded multiple avenues for interaction. The control screen wasn't just a tool as it became a conduit for clients to curate their digital experience.

"Webpuppies not only met our expectations but surpassed them. The customizable dashboard has become a pivotal asset in our client interactions, enabling us to deliver a personalized and engaging experience," shares the studio representative.

The real success lies in the simplicity of the solution. The dashboard was a practical tool that allowed the studio to connect meaningfully with its clients. The ability to offer multiple journeys meant clients could tailor their experience, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

Webpuppies and the studio crafted a solution that addressed a fundamental need—the necessity for companies to connect with their clients on a personal level. In a world saturated with digital noise, this collaboration cut through, delivering not just a web app but a transformative tool for client engagement.

About the Client

is a Singapore-based communication design consultancy. The client's work can be found in many esteemed public areas in Singapore, such as notable museums, galleries, and visitor centres.




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