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August 9, 2020
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Investment Product Marketplace Mobile Application Development


Project Overview

A hybrid mobile application that acts as an investment marketplace for multiple third-party funds and includes features like Robo-Advisor managed portfolio based on the risk profile of the investors.


  • Develop an app to allow retail investors to invest in the client's fund.
  • Identify and solve user problems.


  • Conducted user research and created a user journey map to understand user behaviors.
  • Optimized information architecture and visual hierarchy for ease of use and navigation.
  • Enhanced accessibility to allow a broad range of users with varying degrees of linguistic and technological proficiency to easily use the app.
  • Built a custom investment marketplace app for iOS and Android that includes the following features:

  • - Account creation

    - User profile

    - Investor dashboard

    - e-KYC module

    - Multi-tiered KYC flows based on investment amounts

    - Data visualization for investor dashboards

    - Return calculation

    - Ability to choose mutual funds

    - Option to segregate the funds based on lump-sum and recurring investments

    - Fund selection & purchase

    - Payment gateway integration

    - API integration

    - User acceptance testing

Scope of work

UX/UI Design

User Research

Mobile Application Development and Execution

About the Client

One of the largest investment advisory firms based in Manila.





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