EDDC's Online Glow-Up: How Webpuppies Made It Happen | Case Study
Clicking Connections: Here’s How Webpuppies’ Web App Turns Clicks into Client Connections for a Multi-Disciplinary Design Studio
December 6, 2023

EDDC's Online Glow-Up: How Webpuppies Made It Happen


Imagine exploring a website that felt like reading an instruction manual. That was Singapore's national platform for drug discovery and development’s online vibe until they gave Webpuppies a shout-out for a digital facelift. Read on to find out how Webpuppies not only spiced up the client's website but also boosted their branding.

The Challenge: Upgrading the Digital Look

So, the client, the brains behind drug discovery in Singapore, needed a website upgrade that matched their work. They weren’t just after a spiffy website as they wanted their brand to shine too—logo, visuals, the whole nine yards.

The Solution: Simplifying the Sophistication

Webpuppies stepped in to create a user-friendly interface that would bridge the gap between the technology and the end-users. Their approach encompassed the following key elements:

Visuals That Speak Volumes:

Webpuppies ditched the jargon and turned complex info into eye-catching visuals. Think infographics instead of textbook excerpts.

Clicks That Count:

No more website mazes! Webpuppies ensured every click had a purpose—whether it was reaching out, exploring, or joining the mailing list.

People Comes First:

Webpuppies and the client teamed up to understand the people using the website. No complicated journeys, just straightforward interactions.

The Nuts and Bolts: Stages of Website Revamp

A Fresh Look:

Redesigned logo and templates for PowerPoint, name cards, letterheads, emails, and more.

Digital Magic on WordPress:

Gave the website a fresh look with new UI/UX, developed pages, and made sure it's mobile-friendly. Also, did some techy tests for security.

Passing the Digital Baton:

Showed the client's team the ropes—how to use the interface and what’s going on in the digital backstage.

Digital Brainstorming Sessions:

Two 3-hour sessions with the client's crew. Picture it as a digital brainstorm—aligning logos, and website goals, and deciding which buttons should lead where.

The Big Wins

And here’s the kicker—the client’s digital glow-up isn’t just for show. The new website is now a digital blockbuster. People are sticking around longer, clicking where it matters, and doing what the client wants them to do.

In the words of the client, "The new design captures the spirit of our work. Simple but powerful."

This case study is proof that keeping it simple, relatable, and user-friendly is the real digital deal. Webpuppies and the client show that the digital world doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be an open invitation for everyone to geek out on experimental drug development. Here’s to an online glow-up that’s got everyone talking—in the best way possible!

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