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Grants for Website Development

Capability Development Grant

This financial assistance grant allows companies that qualify to get up to 70% funding support for project costs like certification, consultancy, training and equipment costs. The whole purpose of the scheme is to encourage small and medium enterprises (SME) to build their business capabilities, and the application process has being simplified.

The 10 development areas that SMEs can received grant support are:

  • Product Development Supported Activities: Initiating new individual or joint projects to implement new technologies for product development, hiring technology experts to create in-house R&D capabilities
  • Branding, Marketing, Franchising Supported Activities: Arranging a brand audit, conducting market research, developing brand strategy, creation of franchising system and deployment
  • Business Excellence Supported Activities: Drawing up an in-depth review of business organization, generating a strategic roadmap of development
  • Business Strategy Innovation Supported Activities: Creating ideas that innovative as per the market trends, identifying the strengths and weakness of the organization through comprehensive analysis
  • Standards Adoption Supported Activities: ISO 22301 Certification on Business Continuity Management Systems
  • Financial Management Supported Activities: Constructing a financial framework, identifying financial strategies to meet financial objectives and challenges, planning business expansion plans
  • Human Capital Development Supported Activities: Participation in leadership courses, implementing HR management
  • Intellectual Property Supported Activities: Setting up Intellectual Property (IP) management capabilities
  • Enhancing Business Processes for Productivity Supported Activities: Initiating projects that boost the efficiency of business operations, hiring consultants to streamline business processes, enhancing land productivity.
  • Service Excellence Supported Activities: Review of service systems, establishing improvements via technology or otherwise to improve customer engagement, service processes and customer loyalty.
  • The grant is open to both individuals and organisations, it covers the following:

    IndividualsNon-profit OrganizationsProfit Organizations
    % of Actual Supportable ExpensesUp to 70%Up to 70%Up to 30%
    Overall Cap Per Financial Year$20,000$75,000$75,000

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