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Why your business needs a website

Brilliant Businesses & Websites

Why your business needs a website


In a highly digitalized world, businesses without websites are like a snail without its shell, Sherlock Holmes without Doctor Watson, me without my afternoon nap. Websites have become a fundamental part of a business, a mandatory item on a checklist of things a business needs to succeed. It provides myriad of benefits for businesses, below are just a few of them:


Today, with over 3 billion individuals using the Internet: it has become a common channel to find products, services and offers. Business will gain massive exposure and credibility by having a website. In addition, to the unneeded stress of negative reviews. (Thank you Hungrygowhere and various review websites out there) If you don’t have a website, many prospective clients will opt for competitors who do. Given the nature of the world we’re in, consumers typically conduct some form of research on your company before they make a decision to either hire you for your service or purchase your product. Over 80% of shoppers conduct research online about a product or company before making a decision.

The whole impression game counts for businesses nowadays, credibility is only gained by having a proper business website. The whole impressions game matters given the highly competitive nature of the digital market. Competition among business had gone up by another level. Users don’t come back to a website if their first impression of the site is poor. And there goes your rice bowl, if your customers stop visiting your business.

As technological advancements have leap by bounds every single day, the ability to capture more attention and traction through consumers differ from yesterday, and that is why websites have to be mobile friendly and ease to use.

By incorporating the above mentioned elements, the website should look professional in term of web design and user friendly to attract your business’s audience. Last but not least, constant updates should be implemented so as to refresh consumers’ interest in your business. From there, the business will be able to gain credibility.



Having a website is like hiring a 24/7 flyer boy to constantly give out flyers to people on the streets, albeit without violating MOM laws. Money spent on publishing, printing flyers and brochures can instead be spent on digital marketing of the site.

Digital marketing offers global reach, instead of being geo-targeted like offline marketing tactics. Applying search engine optimization or search engine marketing offers trackable returns on your marketing efforts, something that offline marketing sometimes struggles with, not knowing the exact ROI of your marketing efforts. This sort of tracking offers you better insights on what approach to adopt for future campaigns, making your marketing efforts more efficient and bang for your buck. (Psst, find out more about online marketing here)

While most flyers end up in the bin (Start recycling, you fools!), websites thankfully don’t take that route. Instead they stay there and continue to get traffic for your business., you can be assured good traffic on your business website. This saves your precious moolah on old fashioned advertising. Furthermore, you are doing your part to save Mother Earth by using less paper.



Having a website offers an online brochure or catalogue sales kit. Keeping it updated allows for consumers to stay up to date on your latest products and services. With a website, it is much faster and easier to update information than creating a new print material for BTL marketing. It’s an effective and cost-saving method of letting your customers know about your new products, upcoming events, offers and new services that you are offering.



A website is always accessible round the clock, 24/7, kinda my like a crazy ex who keeps sending you messages at odd hours. The convenience factor of your products and services being shown to potential customers outside of office hours offers unparalleled source of potential revenue for your business. A simple enquiry form feature integration in your website can garner you business whilst you sleep or are watching movies over the weekend. An Ecommerce website feature (Cue the shameless plug: Ecommerce web development here) allows customer to purchases item from the comfort of their homes, lying down on their bed or whilst they are doing their business in the toilet. (We’re all guilty of this.)


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