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Brands that believe in VR now

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Move over Facebook Surveys & corporate videos, companies are now reaching out to their customers in a far more immersive and enjoyable way. As companies constantly strive for better alternatives to reach out to their consumers, Virtual Reality is emerging as a marketing tool of the future. Content marketing has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Brands are under pressure to create content that’s memorable and share-worthy. This is where Virtual Reality is gaining traction, it’s proving to be a great tool for brand awareness by blurring the boundary between marketing and entertainment. While gaming, real estate, adult entertainment, and travel industries were the early adopters of the technology, now brands like IKEA, Volvo, and Merrell are jumping onto the bandwagon to polish up on workflow and communicate effectively with their consumers. Let’s take a look at how some companies achieved the impossible with VR!

Virtually Present in a Sports Presscon
(Image courtesy of Vive)

1. Adidas

This is not the first time Adidas has used VR for their marketing campaigns. Adidas has previously used VR to promote their outdoor apparel brand: TERREX. Through VR, they brought their fans on an exciting and thrilling climb. Instead of focusing on their fans this time round, they have outdone themselves by using VR to review and refine their organisation’s workflow. The purpose of the VR simulation is to ensure that the workflow is coherent, minimising communication gaps and misunderstandings. With VR, Adidas was able to identify hiccups in between workflow, prompting them to come up with solutions immediately. With this, Adidas will be able to ensure a smooth workflow and better consumer experience in the long run.

VR in Slides
(Image courtesy of Topshop)

2. Topshop

After the phenomenal VR stunt in 2014, bringing their consumers to the front row of a fashion show, they came back with another amazing VR experience. To start off the summer season, Topshop invited the public to take an exciting ride on a waterslide. It was held in their flagship store in Oxford Street, London. The ride starts and ends inside the store, with an inflatable raft for riders to sit on and a pair of Oculus Rift to put on. The riders slid down the simulated waterslide, passing through the streets of London and eventually end up in Topshop. This is a fun way of interacting and involving consumers in their flagship store, especially since the objective is to promote their summer collection.


TOMS have been known for helping humanity thrive and they believe in using their brand to improve the lives of others through their business. This VR experience shed some light on TOMS mission statement and proved to their consumers by living their beliefs. The VR is set up in TOMS Los Angeles flagship store, consumers can take a seat and go on a virtual trip. The simulation brought Peru to the consumers - showing them exactly what happens when someone buys a pair of shoes. Giving Partners of TOMS spent time with the children and helped put on shoes for them. This is a great example of how much brands can do with VR - this platform allows consumers to feel and empathise.


VR transports your customers into the brand universes that you’ve created. JAs multiplayer role-playing games are taking over the world, consumers are increasingly looking to be dazzled and amazed by the brands they interact with. When brands take the effort to be relevant and intimate with their consumers, it makes an impact. Consumers will naturally come up with brand associations whenever they think of purchasing products. Marketing through VR is a combination of entertainment and innovation - giving your consumers a memorable experience. A successful VR marketing campaign generates buzz, word of mouth marketing, and produces share-worthy experiences that can live on for years.

You can now make your customers have VIP access to fashion shows and concerts, or race cars in the middle of a desert.With a technology this scalable and life-like, it is almost impossible to turn away from this powerful marketing tool. In this “stay ahead of the curve” business environment, Virtual Reality marketing is something that’s slowly, but surely, finding its way into the media plans for trend-setting marketing directors and managers. Ready to amaze your customers with something You can create an unforgettable VR experience for your brand here.