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[Infographic] UI and UX are Different but Interdependent Concepts

Many technology consumers rank user-friendly interfaces as one of their top considerations in buying products, especially gadgets. Oftentimes, this factor is considered for a better experience suitable for one's lifestyle or tech behavior and habits. Here forms a question: Is this user interface (UI) or user experience (UX)?

Because these two concepts are related to each other, many misconstrue both to be the same; hence, UI and UX are used interchangeably to the point of inaccuracy. To know the difference between UI and UX, the two concepts are defined separately.

Face the Facts About UI

UI is simply the appearance of a product and how tangible elements like texts, images, and sounds are presented. In UI, connections between users and digital products take place in a well-thought design. The overall design of an interface contributes to the overall UX. When an interface is designed well, the connections that took place affect the interaction of users to their products.

After building strong connections, UI aims to have an understandable design to engage users to interact more with products. With more interactions, UI helps make an emotional bond for the users in relation to the appearance of the product.

Experience the Best of UX

UX is focused on overall experience; hence, it's not limited to physical design. In UX, the end-to-end experience is important. Once a design for the interface is established and how to use it is clear, UX analyzes how users actually interact with the product, taking into account personal preferences and usage habits. All these elements are considered to propose better design solutions for overall UX improvement.

While there is no standard in determining good overall UX and satisfaction brought by experiences can be very subjective, the main point of identifying UX success is meeting a user's specific needs at a given amount of time and context.

UI Versus UX: Summary of Differences

To summarize the differences between UI and UX, there are seven elements to be considered. What do these two concepts design, process, enhance, provide, focus on, aim, and ask?

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Use UI and UX Together Effectively

To effectively utilize the benefits of both concepts together, the key is research. At the beginning of digital product development, it is important to determine the target users' tech habits and behavior, as well as current trends and best practices.

With these data, clients' and users' baseline expectations will be met and initiatives for improvement will be addressed strategically. Essentially, UX sandwiches UI in the overall workflow. UX design of wireframe or prototype comes first to conceptualize an effective UI. Users' feedback to UI, in return, calls out for an improvement at the end of UX, which may include an update on UI.


To summarize how to use UI and UX effectively, there are six points to remember.

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