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Stanley Wong: Banker to Entrepreneur

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December 27, 2018
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Stanley Wong: Banker to Entrepreneur

How he grew a digital presence with Webpuppies


From experienced Director in the Banking and Financial Industry, Stanley Wong found his passion for entrepreneurship mid-career by collaborating and creating bio-organic products with a biotech scientist, a fellow friend he knew 15 years prior. Now, Stanley is the Founder and Managing Director of his own company, Agrogenics - a Green Solutions Bio-Tech Company that produces bio-organic agricultural fertilizers, enzymes and microbes for feeds and waste conversion. Agrogenics aims to provide sustainable organic green solutions by reducing the dependency of toxic chemicals in our daily living and creating a sustainable environment.

Prior to the digital launch of Agrogenics, Stanley wished to extend his reach into the digital sphere but was limited in the field and in need of guidance to begin marketing his products online. Through a referral, he approached Webpuppies to develop Agrogenics' website, including its set-up, overall look and feel.

Webpuppies helped Stanley in Web development to set up Agrogenics on the WordPress content management system for user-friendly accessibility and configuration of the website. This allowed him to edit the website easily wherever and whenever necessary.

Today, Agrogenics, homegrown company and brainchild of Stanley Wong, is successfully set to expand regionally into Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sabah Malaysia and India.

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