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April 6, 2018
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Life Without Technology

Is a world without technology a possible reality?

With over 75% of the population in Singapore using the Internet on a daily basis, Singaporeans are reported to spend more than half of their day using some form of technology be it their desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones. While I’m well aware that PUBG is pretty popular (For now at least.), it shouldn’t be a reason why you spend so much time playing it instead of doing something useful like gossiping and reading this article. Regardless, it highlights the crux of the issue, that our over-reliance on technology is evident. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if in the future, we have to Google Maps our way from our front door to the kitchen.

Technology has offered myriad of solutions to us, made our lives easier and has become an integral part of our lives. We literally use some form of technology for EVERYTHING, cooking, entertainment, sports etc. Which begs the question: Is a world without technology a possible reality in our current age? Well, given that the Flintstones did survived without it, I don’t see why we can’t. Should there ever be such a twisted experiment ran where children from young are never exposed to technology and brought up in an enclosed environment, away from the devious reach of technology. My vivid imagination would reckon they do just fine, they would find ways to keep themselves entertained in a world without PUBG, without an iPhone, Virtual Reality (Psst! I actually can’t live without VR, check it out here) and the other shapes and forms that technology exists in.

What we don’t know can’t hurt us, albeit it does seem cruel especially since we’re well aware of what technology can do for us. GASP! We would have to send letters to talk to our friends overseas, imagine…having to actually walk to a post office to send a handwritten note. Most, if not all of us would scoff at such a notion. Preposterous suggestion, I say! Having to read a book for knowledge instead of an eBook on our tablet or phone or scouring through Google. The mere thought of it is laughable, it must be extremely agonizing to actually have to hold a book. No more cyber stalking our exes or a potential crush on social media. (Who’s guilty of this? No? Just me? Okay…) But it highlights how society is characterized by technology, digital advancement and how life revolves around it.

The advent of technology has improved the quality of living immensely, bringing us closer together whilst separating us at the same time. Making lives simpler and complicated at the same time. Ironic isn’t it, how it has become some sort of a double edge sword. Humanity has survived thousands of years without technology. Theoretically, it shouldn’t be an issue if technology should one day just pull off a David Copperfield and vanish into thin air. We might screech and whine like little babies, but we’ll be fine. We’ll adapt like we always do and move on.

Now it’s time for you to put down your phone and engage in some real-life face to face conversation rather than relying on Telegram or WhatsApp.