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October 11, 2021
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Industries That Are Effectively Using Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

Virtual reality (VR) solutions in Singapore and abroad are quickly becoming an important component in many industries.  The global VR market size is even expected to grow fromUS$15.81 billion in 2020 to US$84.09 by 2028!  Don’t be surprised by the exponential growth because VR is already a part of many industries that are influencing your everyday life. 

1. Retail

VR fitting rooms are now available to allow shoppers to ‘try-on’ outfits without having to change out of their clothes.  The mirror in the fitting rooms serves as a screen where shoppers can choose different outfits and accessories.  Shoppers can virtually place these items over their on-screen live images to see the effect.  As more virtual reality development companies in Singapore are rolling out these initiatives with retailers, it’s only a matter of time that VR is going to be a fixture in most fashion stores.

2. Real estate

Since the pandemic, VR solutions in Singapore have been commonly used to assist in virtual viewings.  Property buyers who can’t do physical viewings due to safe distancing measures or geographical distance can leverage VR to “visit” 3D models from the comfort of their own homes.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare professionals are using VR solutions in Singapore for surgical training to perfect their skills before treating real patients.  VR treatments such asVirtual Reality Exposure Therapy are also used to treat mental health issues such as PTSD because it is known to decrease stress responses or memories that provoke anxiety or fear.

4. Automotive

Automobile companies are harnessing the benefits of VR technologies to experiment with the look and build of their automobiles before manufacturing the parts.  This means manufacturers can ensure higher precision in their designs and save a lot of expenses making prototypes that may not work.

5. Tourism

Virtual reality development companies in Singapore and around the world have been rolling out virtual tours to famous landmarks.  One such company is  Thomas Cook, a British travel group that has leveraged VR to allow users to experience virtual holidays before booking an actual one. 

6. Learning & development

VR is an incredibly useful and cost-effective technology for corporate training and upskilling.  It is not just an innovative way to train but also extremely effective for delivering authentic experiences to learners.   VR is especially useful for coaching workers physical skills and how to navigate perilous scenarios at the workplace. 

7. Education

Incorporating VR solutions in Singapore allows students to learn beyond their classroom and transform their textbook-based learning experience to experiential exploration that transcends time and space.  Just imagine students can get up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty even without travelling to New York!

8. Sports

By combining VR with sports, virtual reality development companies in Singapore and across the globe are introducing ‘live’ sports viewing for fans who are stuck at home due to the pandemic.   With such technological advancement, anyone can watch NBA andUEFA Champions League in 360 degrees even without buying a front-row ticket to the events. 

9. Marketing

Many companies are using VR technologies in their marketing to bridge the gap between customer and experience.  Just like how Coca-Cola let their customers experience theChristmas ride on Santa’s sleigh, more companies are leveraging VR as a way of promoting their products and services.   Evenuniversities are using VR to conduct virtual campus tours.  Such tours allow students to log in 24/7 and even help to recruit prospective students who are based abroad.

10. Wellness

The wellness industry is leveraging VR solutions to enable users to immerse themselves in an augmented reality that promotes the calmness of the mind. Guided Meditation VR is one such service that offers users a beautiful 360-degree visual experience combined with soothing music and guided meditation.


VR technologies are quickly transforming many industries and changing how we experience different products and services in our daily lives.  If you are running a business, it is time to explore VR.  It will give you a competitive edge and get your business ahead of the competition.