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July 1, 2020
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Digital Disruption: How Industries are Affected

New technologies have changed the world we live in. In effect, with the implementation of new technologies, several industries have been able to develop better products and provide better services. New technologies have not only changed the way we see the world but also the way companies operate.

Under those circumstances, it is important to realize that the implementation of new technologies has brought a vast amount of benefits to companies. In other words, companies have increased their productivity, as well as reduced costs. However, not everything about the implementation of new technologies is excellent. In effect, there have been massive job disruptions, as some roles are no longer needed.

An excellent example of this is the use of robots in the workplace. Robots have helped factories to reduce in-site risks as employees no longer need to handle dangerous tasks. On the other hand, those employees will no longer be essential for the company because robots can perform required tasks with less time. But, it just means that new job roles will emerge, and workers will need to learn new skills to meet new demands.

Given these points, here are some aspects of how new technologies are affecting today's industries. In like manner, they reflect how new technologies are changing the working environment, one way or another.

New Working Method

Companies are using new technologies to improve and produce better results. For that reason, they have had to adapt to get those results. As shown above, automation is an excellent example of the need to adapt, but there are other good examples like digital marketing. These days, companies have implemented the use of digital channels to reach customers and apply new marketing strategies. A few years ago, paying large amounts of money on printing and advertisement was common. However, these days companies are using digital channels to improve their advertising effectiveness and reduce costs on printing.

Similarly, customers now have higher demands. For that reason, web developers have needed to build more sophisticated websites to meet customer requirements. In effect, the experience a user can get from a website is one of the most critical aspects. Well-built websites provide excellent user experiences, and customers will be engaged. It is because nowadays companies know that it’s not about how a product looks but how a product makes a customer feel.

Years ago, companies used to store valuable information in servers or storage cabinets, but it has now changed. The use of cloud computing services has become prevalent around the world. Data is today's most valuable resource, and for that reason, every company needs security. Cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide not only data security for companies but also features that help companies in data management duties. In the same way, data scientists, software engineers, and data analysts have had the task of learning cloud computing skills in order to improve their effectiveness and provide better results.

New Thinking Method

New technologies are clearly affecting every kind of role in a company. For example, being a manager demands a lot of responsibilities. For that reason, in order to make better decisions and lead the company to success, they now have to “think digital”.

In effect, data has played a crucial role in managers’ duties as they can now rely on data to provide better plans. In like manner, managers can create better strategies to accomplish essential tasks in a company like hiring new employees. In other words, data allows managers to develop detailed candidate profiles to see which one fits their requirements. In the same way, websites like LinkedIn have allowed companies to find the right candidates more quickly.

In addition, not only managers have to change the way they think, but also sales workers. It is because e-commerce has played a crucial role in the retail industry. Customers now prefer to buy products using digital platforms than going to a physical store. For this reason, sales employees have had to change their mentality as well as have had to learn new tech skills. In other words, they have had to master social media management skills as social networks like Instagram are changing the way companies sell their products.

New Disruptive Phenomenon

New technologies have indeed benefited companies in several aspects, but not everything has a rose tint. In effect, several employees are losing their jobs because of new technologies. For example, as days pass, fewer human travel agents are needed. Companies like Kayak, Expedia, and Travelocity have built useful websites where customers can buy airplane tickets. Companies like Google have developed sophisticated language translation apps that nowadays, human translators are being replaced.

Another excellent example of this is how mobile apps are affecting traditional taxi companies. Almost every human on earth has access to smartphones and the internet. For that reason, people now prefer to use mobile apps rather than calling a traditional taxi company. As a result, companies like Uber and Lyft are giving traditional companies a run for their money.

Even traditional tv companies are struggling to survive these changes. Companies like Netflix and Hulu are changing the way television is distributed. They offer customers streaming services where users can watch whatever they like. In the same way, users will not only watch their favorite programs but also will receive recommendations based on previous interactions. Also, not only traditional tv companies are being affected, but also recording companies as people now prefer to use music streaming apps like Spotify rather than buying records.

In Conclusion

As you can see, new technologies have affected the job market as well as how companies operate. But, for good or bad, companies must adapt in order to remain competitive. The world is continually evolving, and there is definitely no way back. For that reason, aspirants who want to be part of the next world workforce should learn in-demand skills. It will allow them to be prepared to face new challenges.