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Develop, innovate and analyse with AWS data integration

Cloud technology enables organisations to explore digital transformation amidst the changing IT landscape. Through the cloud, businesses in and beyond Singapore can improve on their cost management, accessibility, efficiency, scalability, and security.

With more than 200 cloud solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered as the world’s leading cloud platform. AWS operates under a cost-effective model and API-driven approach to IT infrastructure. It is also known for its various cloud options that can handle demanding requirements from millions of customers—ranging from start-ups, small- and medium- enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations in Singapore and around the world.

Through AWS, organisations can develop cloud-native applications, navigate storage solutions, and analyse and integrate data. Here at Webpuppies, we utilise our in-depth knowledge of different industries and digital technologies to help businesses connect and adapt to AWS.

Our Process

We understand that every business has its own goals. Webpuppies offers a step-by-step process to ensure that your organisations will use the right AWS services. Our AWS integration process involves:


Benefits of AWS Data Integration


Easy connectivity and integration

AWS services allow easy connection to other cloud-based applications through its customisable tools that can work on a variety of web services. Its integration capacities in the cloud also maximize budget and IT infrastructure.



Organisations that utilise AWS solutions only need to pay for the resources that they use. There are no required long-term contracts or upfront payments.


Flexible and scalable

AWS provides flexibility through its wide range of choices of operating systems, programming languages, web application platforms, and other tools that businesses need. It also allows organisations to scale up or down based on specific needs and demands.


High level of security

AWS’ end-to-end approach secures IT infrastructure, physical and operational software, and contingency measures.


Some of the AWS integration services that Webpuppies handle include:


Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) enables users to upload, store and retrieve data from the cloud. Through Amazon S3, organisations can have full control over the accessibility of their data. S3 is one of AWS’ most popular services as it is scalable, practical, and low-cost.

Amazon EC2

With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), developers can easily navigate compute capacity in the cloud and build applications quickly and efficiently. Amazon EC2 also offers a wide range of processors, operating systems, and purchase models.

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier provides a low-cost online web storage service that has quality security features for any organisation’s data archival and backup. Through Amazon Glacier, AWS oversees the intricate operational processes for data retention.

Amazon Lambda

Companies will have an easier time running codes without any server through Amazon Lambda. This AWS service can write Lambda functions on Node.js, Java, and other languages supported by Amazon Linux. It also allows the efficient management of runtimes, maintenance of event integrations, and building of cluster scaling logic.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Amazon SNS is a web service that facilitates the management and delivery of messages to users and clients from a cloud platform. Amazon SNS supports various protocols, such as HTTP, Lambda, and Amazon SQS.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is AWS’ content delivery network service that delivers data, applications, and APIs to users globally. It is known for its security features and for its integration with Amazon Route 53, AWS Shield, and AWS Web Application Firewall. Its multiple layers of protection ensure that organisations from cybersecurity attacks.

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