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From text advertisements, banner advertisements, interactive content, video advertisements, in app advertisements and many others, the arsenal for Search Engine Marketing today is extremely varied. With this increase in complexity of offerings, finding the right mix of SEM and the optimal amount to spend on it to maximise ROI is not easy. At Webpuppies, we specialise in exactly this across a wide variety of industry. Launching a new product in the pharma space? Check. Increasing the popularity of your F&B chain in a competitive area? Check. Running a B2B campaign? Check. All of our SEM projects, apart from having our paw of approval, has the following:

Prior to beginning the campaign, we will work closely with your business to understand your customer base and best position your product

We will recommend the keywords you should use and understand your competitive landscape

We will optimise your campaign on a daily basis to maximise your ROI

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