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If you wanted to learn to invest in the stock market, who would you approach? Chances are, you said Warren Buffet. Why? Because he does it for a living and has been doing so for more than 40 years now. Similarly, if your business needs a digital strategy, you should approach a business whose business is digital. This is where Webpuppies comes in. Our own business is based on a digital strategy and we have consulted on the digital strategies for both B2B and B2C organisations and played an integral role in the development of Asia’s largest business to business services platform. All of our digital strategies, apart from having our paw of approval, has the following:

Relevance to industry

Just as no two successful players in different industries have the same business model, so too no two successful players in different industries have the same digital strategy. We make the digital strategy relevant for you.

Relevance to business model

We seek to first understand your business and advise you on what the best approach to adopt to achieve your goals in the digital market and engage the most number of consumers.


All our strategies came with implementation steps and are not papers of theory.

Continuing support as a partner

We will provide continuous support as you embark on your digital journey

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